Welcome to Jawan Films Society, Haryana

This Society came in existence on Ist. day of January, 2010 for serving the general human beings, animals and plants. The main aims and objectives of the society are as under;

To develop brotherhood among the members of the Society and all human beings.

To provide free legal aid to the poor litigants in the courts in Haryana.

The Society will help the bachelors in finding suitable matches. It will also perform the marriages under the Hindu Marriage Act, 1955. It will help the lovers to prevent the ‘Lovers suicidal deaths’.

The Society will make efforts to improve the standard of politics in Haryana. The Society will also work for the protection of the children and women from violence and for their general development and upliftment. It will also work for the protection of the human rights.

The Society will work for developing such an atmosphere that it may be able to give guaranty of food, clothing, housing, education, health, job and security to all of its members.

The Society will help such type of persons who come under depression and generally commit suicide due to any reason.

The Society will produce the films, the T.V. Serials, documentary films and will organise the ‘Haryana Sunderi’ competition annually for the development of the social activities in the State of Haryana. The members who do the good job for the society will be awarded and the poor members of the Society will be given the financial aid to take them out of the financial crisis.

The society will develop different Cells for the promotion or smooth running of its all branches.

Main aim of the Society is that in Haryana no one should be without Roti, Kapra, Makan, education, treatment, job and security and that no one should committ suicide due to any reason. We will do our best to prevent the suicides in Haryana. Lover pairs will be helped in solemnisation of their marriages and in case of necessity to provide them police protection.  After the marriage if they are helpless, society will provide them necessary expenses depending upon the budget.